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A former gymnast, Ren is shocked to learn of the dancing ban, which also includes a curfew for teens.He immediately befriends football player Willard (Miles Teller) and starts exchanging glances with the preacher’s daughter, Ariel (Julianne Hough), who’s currently dating bad-boy Chuck Cranston (Patrick John Flueger).of millions of career-focused women who refuse to give up their passions for a relationship.Feeling like an outsider as a biracial woman, Rashida gravitated toward gay people who shared some of her perspectives, and says, “I would never claim marginality …I think the fact that the conversation hasn't gotten any broader or mainstream, plus that there's more stories to tell because of technology, just seemed rife for a series."RJ: "It's so personal, and I think it’s dangerous to declare anything as the road to female empowerment, period.

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Aniston revealed that she actually wasn't thrilled with the film's treatment (and society's treatment at large) of singledom, and that in fact too much focus on finding a partner is besides the point.

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