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05-Aug-2017 17:39

My self control isn't as good when I'm around her, although she still claims that it's 'too good', in reference to how secretive I can be.

I am surprised that you say Aries and Scorps are not compatible. Agree with you about the sex and the comment Sheathed Claws made about your Ram wanting everything visible so she doesn't get sideswiped later by something/someone she thought was safe. ) And I am not sure if the boy/girl dynamic is different to a girl/girl dynamic? A laid-back Libra with intense emotions brimming under the surface, in other words.

I love their kindness and the fact they are genuine. Are Aries traditionally not supposed to get along with Scorps? Finally after 3 months the both of us are slowly taking down our walls. I feel like my soul wants to leap forward and we instantly connect. Post Gemini thingz - photos, GIFS, music, poems, videos, random questions or streams of consciousness, or just any thoughts that pop into your mind that don’t have any other home on this board.

I know there’s a lot going on in My best friend is a Cap 31st Dec.

I am aware that Scorps and Aries aren't very compatible, which worries me because I like her a lot.

I've been insisting on telling her that I let her know a lot more about myself than I ever show with most other people in my life, but she doesn't seem to get that.

Unfortunately, Aries may never understand your intelligence. This is an ever evolving process, because also with time, people change with life experience and age. I didn't mean that I thought I knew better of you and the situation, but I DID mean to say that you were being a little narrowminded. But I'm glad to see this part of you, because now I know you a little more.' It worked like a charm.

You always have something more to find out about each other. We've been having many talks about how this is going to work out, and stick with our policy of letting each other know when we're feeling negative emotions as soon as we can grasp the reason why. I'd RATHER her get irritated at me everyday and be open about it than to stow them away...which I suppose is hypocritical, because I have a few issues with keeping myself emotionally open to people (even to people I love, sigh). Well, for starters, I knew this was going to happen, and despite how easily hurt I can be, I told her, 'good! A lot of people would have gotten angrier, but she calmed down right away and apologized. One issue between us is that she doesn't regard [her own] emotions as heavily as I do, but she told me that she understands I value my own emotions very much and she seriously considered it before asking me out (yes, she asked first, and I responded the next day with a letter warning her about a few of my insecurities and that I would fall in love with her, and once that happens, I'd be devoted to her...because her last relationship was most certainly more casual than ours). We've had our ups and downs, but I already know it would be like that.

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I have once done this to her, which I know is an incredibly cookiemonstery thing to do, but I was feeling frustrated at the time because she wasn't listening to my feedback and advice even though she had asked for it.My Aries girl, on the other hand, angrily responds to anyone who says anything to tease her or myself, which I both like and dislike simultaneously.I like that we both share certain traits that would normally bother other people (ie: jealousy, possessiveness, etc), but it seems that she just can't hold back from saying or doing basically anything.I'm a Scorpio girl who is currently dating an Aries girl.

We've only been dating for 2 weeks, and we've gone through a couple emotional rollercoasters..of them being that not too many people take as seriously, as we are 2 girls...which sucks, but I ignore it.

Posted by Scorp Torch I am aware that Scorps and Aries aren't very compatible, which worries me because I like her a lot.