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The farmhouse is surrounded by 2,000 acres of steep, bare moorland dotted with rocks and bogs that resist modern machinery – much of the land can only be navigated by foot or horse and only the hardiest livestock thrives there.The house relies on a coal fire for heat and a spring for water, and in winter they must store food in case they get snowed in.Clive Owen was twice her age and stood slightly shorter then her six foot two inches.Since his marriage had ended he’d been living at Ravenseat alone tending his flock of Swaledale sheep, a local breed.Three-year-old Violet managed a normal birth in hospital, but Sidney appeared just outside the village of Reeth, half an hour from the farm.Annas was born during clipping time last summer on a Wednesday, only three miles from home. “I fastened [my trousers] up with twine and by the time we’d clipped 1,000 sheep, I could do the top button up.” The demands of the farm meant that staying home with the babies was never an option.The couple’s pride and joy is their 900-strong flock of black-faced Swaledale sheep, a breed which has been native to Ravenseat for centuries.They roam freely across the hills with an instinctive knowledge of where to graze.

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Clive and Amanda have seven children, the most recent addition being a cherubic blonde, Annas, who was born in July and joins three brothers, three sisters and a large collection of livestock. One of the few concessions to modernity at Ravenseat is a satellite dish which, installed “at vast expense”, allows Amanda to share updates on her life with the world, via Twitter.One cold night in October 1996, a blonde, 21-year-old shepherdess was negotiating a remote, twisting road taking her ever deeper into the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.