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confirms what we already knew — that the majority of women who use dating apps experience harassment — but goes on to fill us in on which apps are worst when it comes to come-ons-turned-insults.According to the survey, 57% of women report feeling harassed through online dating, compared to 21% of men who report the same.We know exactly where the other person is each evening and if we're doing something cool, it's likely that we're in it together and telling each other about it face to face.Overall, our text messages started out very flirty and personal.I started by looking at the words we used in our text messages six years ago versus present day.First of all, we can clearly see that my husband has an obsession with the word "home." As for me, my early twenties self frequently started conversations with the term "hey," and more recently I seem to have decided to no longer greet my husband, but instead agree with most of the things he texts me.To celebrate our six year anniversary, I decided to take his present to the next level.I took a look at all of our text messages from our first year of dating and compared them with our text messages from the past year as an engaged couple and then newlyweds.

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As a married couple, since we're together all the time, we set up date nights and say sweet things to each other in person, so texting is mostly used to confirm logistics or share random thoughts.Since the content of our text messages changed so much, I decided to look and see if the time of day we'd send text messages to each other changed as well.