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06-Oct-2017 08:05

So it’s not surprising that “The Contest” no longer feels edgy, or dangerous, or iconoclastic. It happens to be about masturbation, but it could just as easily be about dating a woman with man hands, or a giant ball of oil being dropped out of a window. However, the true thrill of “The Contest” wasn’t a result of the then-unmentionable subject.

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Naturally, a series of logistical issues begin to unveil themselves for our main quartet.

Now, not only is masturbation never directly mentioned, but no real euphemisms are used, either.

Phrases were invented to dance around the issue at hand (ahem)—“master of your domain” and things of that ilk.

Throughout the episode, we see everybody in bed—those still in the contest tossing and turning, and the others sleeping soundly.

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Elaine ends up the second character out, much to everybody’s surprise.

Nonetheless, a bevy of bachelors will by competing for the hand of Kim Yo-jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, reports WPLG.