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09-Jul-2017 02:40

That in itself becomes a powerful perspective.” In a 2006 study conducted by Peter Fischer and Tobias Greitemeyer, “Music and Aggression: The Impact of Sexual-Aggressive Song Lyrics on Aggression-Related Thoughts, Emotions, and Behavior Toward the Same and the Opposite Sex,” subjects were told they were participating in two studies: one on music and one on spicy foods.

After listening to the assigned music, subjects gave a woman a portion of spicy chili sauce for testing.

“I think that these kinds of messages are prevalent in popular music, and they’re not always the kinds of messages that we’re looking for as parents. “Degrading sexual content doesn’t necessarily mean explicit sexual content.” Martino and his team found that among kids with the highest levels of exposure to sexually degrading lyrics, 51 percent went on to initiate sexual intercourse between the first and second surveys.

For those with the lowest levels, only 29 percent initiated sexual intercourse.

Because of that, we now have songs and lyrics post-‘85 that we would not have had.Hall attributes this escalation to two main factors: parental advisory laws passed in 1985 and the rise of rap music.“Many of the artists … were concerned about censorship and artistic freedoms, but I think that actually the result was just the opposite," Hall said.“We’re really far along, that’s what we’re doing all day everyday at the moment, he told NME.

“I mean we’re not recording it yet, but we’re writing a lot – and I mean we have a lot.

“If Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are talking about sexual activity, and I’m 14, that just increases this misperception that I have that all kids are sexually active," Hall said.

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